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“Organizing an 11 person, 3 day, 30 mile backpacking excursion in the Ohlone wilderness was actually easy to do!”

Ohlone Wilderness
Backpacking buddies from the San Francisco Bay Area
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Joleigh Davis
Throws Potluck Parties
Joleigh spent five minutes organizing 20 friends for a three hour potluck full of good food, good stories, and yes, good wine.
James McBryan
Plans Family Trips
James used the map planner to get 10 people to the same place at the same time in three different cars.
Greg Lazarev
Organizes Bike Touring Trips
Greg (the responsible one) made sure twelve friends had helments, tire patches, and plenty of water for his three day bike tour.
Simon McBryan
Road Trip Vacationer
Simon did some digging, found an awesome road trip destination and and shared his thought with the whole crew via one easy link.