Press Release

Planning an Outdoor Adventure? Prep Your Equipment Checklist with Prep.a.Trip

TechScouts announced the launch of its new website, prep.a.trip, which helps groups of travelers organize their equipment lists for such outdoor adventures as backpacking, hiking, kayaking, cycling, and camping.

"I felt that whenever I organized group outings in the outdoors, I always created a spreadsheet of group gear and individual equipment from scratch every time," says founder James McBryan. "I was tired of it and I wanted to find a way that could help me stay on top of the ins and outs of group equipment planning. I couldn't find anything already out there besides more spreadsheets, so I created my own system..."

The main features of prep.a.trip:

  1. Build your own equipment list from a pre-made template created by experts in backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, cycling, etc., or create your own gear list.
  2. Invite other travelers and adventurers to your event, so they can also see what is required for the trip and prepare their individual equipment list
  3. Keep an overall view of what group equipment still needs to be packed, and who is missing items

McBryan hopes to continue to expand the services of prep.a.trip to include more lists created by experts and experienced enthusiasts. He also would like to eventually add weight information of individual items so that people can estimate the weight of their backpack as they gather their outdoor equipment.

To check out the website and start planning your own outdoor adventure, go to