James McBryan

Co-founder & Outdoor Connector | Oakland, CA

James is passionate about 3 things in the world: the outdoors, connecting people, and technology to help society. Impassioned with his Eagle Scout practices of leading and helping others, James has led over a hundred self-organized outdoor adventures. He is a natural self-starter, creating two technology businesses and a swing dance studio since graduating from UC Berkeley in 2007.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Backpacking the John Muir Trail

Simon McBryan

Co-founder & Ruby on Rails Technical Lead | San Francisco, CA

As a Ruby on Rails developer in San Francisco, Simon's expertise made Prep.a.Trip possible on the internet. Every weekend he is hiking, biking or kayaking in the Bay Area and on the weekdays you can catch him in the rock gyms. For lack of a better expression, he's a weekend warrior on rails!

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Backpacking Grizzly Falls in the Trinity Alps

Joleigh Davis McBryan

Communications Director | Oakland, CA

Joleigh is a Marin County native who grew up surrounded by the glories of redwoods and waterfalls. With a keen eye on design and a clear voice for marketing, she leads Prep.a.Trip in its online marketing platform.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Freedom Camping on the South Island of New Zealand

Greg Lazarev

Backend Technology Advisor | San Francisco, CA

Greg is a Ruby on Rails guru who works for 140 Proof and teaches Rails at Nosebridge. When he's not helping organize epic outdoor adventures with the co-founders, he helps shape the architectural foundation for Prep.a.Trip with his Ruby on Rails expertise.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Kayaking in Tomales Bay with the bat rays

Yonathan Randolph

Frontend Technology Advisor | Sunnyvale, CA

Though Yonathan may have graduated from UC Berkeley in the EECS program, became an instant Google employee, and knows all front end technologies before they even come out, his greatest skill is being the fiercest, most nimble river crosser of 'em all!

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Backpacking in Ventana Wilderness

Marilyn McBryan

Summer Intern | Tustin, CA

Marilyn joined the team as a rising junior in high school. She started her summer with Codecademy and Khan Academy classes, and quickly integrated in the development workflow of Ruby on Rails.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Scuba Diving and finding Nemo